Why should you?

Why should you Pre-Order this time?

These are the 3 reasons that you have to consider why you should pre-order and we leave it up to you.

1. New designs added
we are always refreshing our designs and types, so you will be able to choose among the exclusive new and latest designs that we offer.

2. Custom make to your preference
some want thicker seats, some want shorter length, some want curved armrests, some want shaped backrest, some want just the covers, yes, tell us what you want, because this is the time.

3. Free Shipping & Delivery
because of your patience and understanding going through this pre-order process, of course we would like to give something back. not only free shipping & delivery, there will be a surprise to be included in the order as well, insyaAllah.

and don't worry, we will be happy to assist, so give us a message now. :)

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