We are now taking your pre-orders.

How long does it take?
Here is the timeline:
July/August: Pre-Order Window 
August/September: Production
September/October: Shipping
End October: Delivery to your home!

Why Pre-Order?
Not only you can order the standard sets that we offer, but this is the time when you can customise the Majlis to your prefered dimensions to suit your home layout. To be on a settee, longer or shorter length, thicker seat can be done insyaAllah. Have a chat with us and we will be happy to serve you.

How can I order?
Give us a message indicating your whatsapp number and name, and we will whatsapp message you directly to discuss and ask for your preferred majlis type, design & dimensions. Quotation of customised sets will be advised accordingly and payment can be done via bank transfer. Once paid, only then we take it as a confirmed order. Full payment is preferred but we are flexible if you require instalments. We will update you as we go along each process until the delivery to your home.

Why wait again?
You don't have to wait anymore to give us a message! It will be our pleasure to serve you and answer any questions that you have. Message us now! :)

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